Analytics, BI and ECM should be ONE.

I have tried using Cognos Suite, IBM Alphablox, Microsoft BI, SAP, all of which are bloated products with more than enough features that every user in the corporate environment needs. In a business user's perspective, they are complex because they are fundamentally architectured using the traditional software development environment whereas BI users are nowadays are using it on a browser.

Internet Explorer and Firefox are key access points for BI users. It's smart move, given that its easier to deploy and manage in a corporate environment and easy to migrate in case the company decides to extend it in the Internet or thru a private network to a satellite branch.

The success of Google Onebox is partly due to the complexity of getting the information from a myrad of this expensive and bloated Business Intelligence tools. Google Onebox allows users to search (with data security in mind) all the data available in and outside the organization.

ECM (enterprise content management) is another inovation that is catching up. With the abundance of blogs nowadays, we might have forgotten that behind it is a very user-friendly 'content management system concept', just like Blogger.

Since IBM recently acquired Filenet for $16bn, I am looking forward to the possibility of integrating analytics, business intelligence and content management systems into one. Though I doubt it, I am hoping because BI tools needs a lot of organizing to do.

Gilbert on Thursday, August 17, 2006 4 Comments