JasperIntelligence: the upcoming Open Source BI

After Pentaho ruled the headlines for a whole month, JasperSoft - the commercial company behind the famous JasperReports - announced their plans to release a complete BI stack called JasperIntelligence.

JasperReports has became the de facto reporting tool for J2EE developers as with Crystal Reports for Visual Studio users.

“Open source is the key to solving people’s frustration with complex, inflexible, and overpriced BI solutions from large proprietary software vendors that have taken their customers’ IT systems hostage,” said Doscher, in a statement. “Customers want BI for everyone in their organization. JasperSoft is committed to giving businesses freedom of choice with JasperIntelligence, an affordable, open and extensible BI architecture that empowers everyone within an organization, from those in the board room to accounts receivables.”

For more information, you may want to visit their newly redesigned website at http://www.jaspersoft.com.

Gilbert on Thursday, May 04, 2006


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