Creative vs Apple - a patent lawsuit

If you are an avid mac fan or a flamming Ipod worshipper, you've probably knew the whole story about Creative vs Apple and the much recent news, Apple vs Creative.

The dispute started about the Creative patent for a portable music device that allows searching indexed content. The content is indexed by genre, artist, album, and track. This provides a searchable, intuitive, cross-referenced database via the User Interface. It is basically a relational database patent for a music player.

Apparently the US Patent Office, just awarded Creative the patent last year which they decided to sue Apple this year.

Relational databases already existed way before the MP3 player revolution began, and in my opinion, it is imperative that this great technology will find its way to other devices - such as the case with the portable audio players.

I'm a believer of Intellectual Property. But if technology, innovation and creative thinking is hindered by having "software ideas" patented way ahead by huge companies, we should re-think again.

Gilbert on Monday, May 22, 2006


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