Oracle's Ellison to own his own Linux Distro

The last time Larry Ellison mulled over buying a company, a corporate war erupted. However, in the end Larry got his way and PeopleSoft is now Oracle. Is the same thing going to happen to Novell? If so, it will be good for Linux and the best thing to happen to desktop computing in 20 years. - ITWire

Oracle has been the second largest software company, next to Microsoft. And Larry is showing signs that his not comfortable in the "next to Microsoft" status of Oracle. He expresses his interest in acquiring a Linux distro (SuSE) and offering it as part of Oracle's software stack.

What will Oracle gain from this? Using their marketing clout and expertise, they can place Oracle on the top if they were able to lure companies/consumers to use Linux. Of course, they still need to work a lot on improving the OS, but with their deep pockets, why not?

What will Linux gain from this? A solid financial and marketing backing that can springboard Linux to a larger market share.

Can't wait what will happen next.

Gilbert on Tuesday, April 18, 2006


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