Java in Manila

The Philippine's largest Java developer's conference was held last April 25 - Java in Manila. Our country was one of the six competency centers chosen by Sun Microsystems for its huge potential for development. Philippines's Java competency center is focus on wireless technology; Singapore focuses on grid computing, while Malaysia concentrates on incubation center.

The event lasted from 8 to 5pm at ShariLa Makati. Java is the de facto application development tool for many enterprises today. We were there under sponsor status, so were exempted from paying the PhP1500 entrance fee. And that is just what we need to enjoy all the nice looking and nice tasting food that Shangri-La offered all through out the session. All in all, the event is a success, and is worth the buck if ever you decide to attend next year's event.

Rags Srinivas, on cowboy hats presented Java SE GUI makeover. guy, Sang Shin has a thick but cool oriental accent - "how-e-vveeerrr". He charms the audience with his knowledge about Java EE, Web 2.0, AJAX, and the new technologies emerging in the pioneering web-based application development today.

Dr. Doris Chen, the beautiful Miss Lady geek, discussed Java Server Faces.

Gilbert on Thursday, April 27, 2006


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