Google's love story with Business Intelligence

This is not a perfect love story.

Google is a He. He alone is synonymous with search. And search is about finding something that you want to know or knew a little about. It's a process of discovery, and a source of the data might be unknown as well. He wants to prove to the world that he is still capable of showing more of his data search skills by selling them to the Enterprise world. He is trying to court the lucrative business intelligence market. He gave a proposal to Business Intelligence by making a $30,000 Google Onebox.

Business Intelligence is a She. She has enticed small al the way to the biggest businesses to invest a lot of their money to enable them to "make sense" of their data. She provides them with auto-generated reports and dashboards just so it would be easy for these good paying companies. She has enabled managers of high caliber who understands the language of business to have a larger and deeper insight of their company.

They are destined to be together. Businesses wants a higher deployment for their business intelligence tool. They need to make it available to the next generation knowledge workers who are more adept in using the skills of web searching.

He is not alone, Autonomy and Fast Search & Transfer are also the first companies who are doing enterprise data search.

She is not alone too, Cognos 8 Go! Search, IBM Omnifind and Oracle Enteprise Search 10g are also targeting the same market.

As you can see, these love story is not an easy one.

Gilbert on Thursday, April 20, 2006


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