Who is Alphablox before IBM acquired them

I came to the BI market without much knowledge about Alphablox before IBM acquired them. So I did a little bit of digging using my best friendGoogle,

Founded in 1996, Alphablox is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and has offices throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Alphablox is a recognized innovator and was selected by Computerworld Magazine as a "Top Emerging Company for 2002"; by Intelligent Enterprise Magazine as "A Company to Watch in 2002"; by Upside Magazine as "A Hot 100"; and by Technologic Partners as one of ten "Investors Choice for 2002" award winners.

Officers: CEO, Joseph Guglielmi (w/03); Technology, Bill Wagstaff (w/04); Sales/Marketing, Steve Guttman and Michael Nason, Original Alphablox Office: 516 Clyde Avenue Mountain View, CA 94043 (Source)

The strength of Alphablox lies in its architecture. It is the first 100% Web Based Custom Analytics tool. During its time, the BI Market leaders like Cognos and Microstrategy develop powerful client based BI Solutions. These are powerful and useful tools made available to different Fortune "rich" companies.

Other BI solution providers forgot that these 'rich' companies started doing OUTSOURCING. Their HR, Finance Dept, or Helpdesk Support might not be in a central data warehouse nor country/time zone. These 'rich' companies also started experimenting with co-locating part of their business in other countries. They also made experiments with the corporate structure and hierarchy, specially with empowering the decision makers. The right thing that Alphablox did that time, is that it did not compete with these great and successful companies, they develop a solution ahead of its time by being "100% web-based" (no need to install anything to access data), custom BI tool (made it robust and modular - use only the components that you need), flexible on how it will be deployed and extensible up to the level of interoperability with other industry tools.

With that strength in mind, they were acquired by IBM on July 2004 and was later repackaged to be part of the IBM DB2 Enterprise Edition.

Client Focus: Pfizer on 2001

From the maker's of Zyrtec®, Zoloft®, and Viagra® says they've tried multiple BI products that couldn't be customized, and they were forced to use proprietary infrastructure. The learning curve was high, yet the tools lacked important features and functions. Thye wanted to build applications customized to users, not force their users to customize themselves to some packaged tool.

"The technology worked right out of the box. Just drag and drop onto the templates, and you're up and running. And once the sales organization saw the prototypes, they got excited about what we were doing."

"The beauty of AlphaBlox is that you don't have to hire a bunch of expensive consultants for months just to implement it. Anyone with knowledge of HTML and JavaScript get can started building applications right away."

"We chose AlphaBlox because it gave us total control over the application look and feel, as well as the ability to easily integrate with other sources of information. All we have to do is set one attribute, and we can completely personalize the interface. "

"It's not about the database or the schema—it's about information delivery."

"If people can't access information and transform it into knowledge, then the technology is meaningless. AlphaBlox makes it easy to rapidly assemble powerful, easy-to-use analytical applications that address the full gamut of requirements."

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Gilbert on Wednesday, March 29, 2006


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I am doing a case study on Pfizer+Alphablox deployment.

Does anyone knows what version of Alphablox was deployed? I wanna find the tech spec for that version.

Also is Pfizer still using the system now?

Million thanks!!

a MBA student

Wednesday, August 16, 2006  

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