What is Pentaho UP to?

Larry Austin made good points in saying that he is excited about the developments over at Pentaho. Here is what he thinks of Pentaho:

  1. A well-known application that is traditionally big and expensive. This gives Pentaho a lot of aircover in setting pricing.

  2. A large, neglected SMB market opportunity. BI couple be useful to many SMB businesses out there, but they can't afford the current solutions. This gives Pentaho a way to enter the market below the entrenched big boys.

  3. A large enterprise market. Even though there's a broad SMB market, the Pentaho platform can scale up into the enterprise market, further increasing the market opportunity and putting continued pressuer on the incumbents.

  4. Incumbents can't move down market. Companies like Business Objects, Hyperion, and Cognos can't offer entry level solutions to compete with Pentaho Open Source without breaking their business model.

Pentaho's really is doing all the right things to win SMB Business Intelligence market share.

I've been keeping tabs on what the guys in Pentaho are up to. And I'm pretty impress with the decisions and the direction that they are setting for this solution. Here

It's NOT Goodluck for Pentaho Team... It will be GOOD WORK Pentaho Team! We expect great things from Pentaho.

Gilbert on Thursday, March 30, 2006


Anonymous Anonymous said...

DO you mean Larry Augustin? The godfather of Open Source.

Friday, May 19, 2006  

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