Six Reasons Why a Company or Business should consider Blogging

I sent an email to one of my freelance clients regarding the advantages of having a blog site, and I thought it would be nice to share them with you.

Excerpt from my email to a freelance client:

I'm not here to convince or change your mind, but here are some reasons why your company should really consider blogging:

1. Blogs promote customer evangelism. Their personal nature helps humanize you and your organization. Microsoft even hired Scoble as a Technology Evangelist to blog.

2. They function as an instant-feedback mechanism. Most blogs allow readers to respond to your posts or link to them on their own blogs. These features provide almost real-time feedback on ideas and issues that strike a chord, or highlight new or existing problems. A blog can reveal a little problem before it grows into a bigger one.

3. They compel you to "Napsterize" more of your knowledge more often. A blog is about sharing what you know, think and believe; search engines index your ongoing knowledge sharing, making it easier for customers and prospects to find you. Attracting is always easier than hunting.

4. They facilitate the spread of buzz. Honest, informative or thought-provoking posts about issues important to customers and prospects tend to be spread more often.

5. They allow you to have more simultaneous conversations. It's more than you could ever do in person.

6. They help position you as a knowledgeable expert in your industry.

A company did a case study on how effective blog on bottom line sales. The result was 35% increase in sales in a month plus a larger market share and brand recognition. View Article

I'm open in assisting you in case you decide to put time and effort in establishing a voice for eNovAsia by using blogs.

Gilbert on Wednesday, March 08, 2006


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