Open Source BI Review: Pentaho

Target Market: Middle-size to IT-Oriented Enterprise
Technology Used: JAVA (all the components are listed below)
Open Source License: LGPL (What is LGPL?)
Supporting Company: Pentaho Corp. (Orlando, Florida USA)

Pentaho is one of the strong Open Source BI market player. The pentaho project was developed and conceptualized (launched in 2005) by BI veterans from Cognos, Hyperion, IBM, Lawson, Oracle and SAS. They believe in the open source concept and designed a complete BI stack with reporting, OLAP analysis, data mining, dashboards and workflow capabilities. They also believe that it is their duty to keep Microsoft from NOT attaining their 100% goal of the BI Market (InformationWeek has the complete article).

Since Pentaho is a complete BI Suite, they have various components with different liceses. As a developer, Pentaho is a strong candidate in case you want to evaluate a solution for your company. The components of this BI suite is integrated properly and contains a strong understanding in the point of view of Business Intelligence. The company also has plans to have a similar business model as Redhat, so expect that support and training for the product would not be a nightmare.

Here are the components used in the Pentaho BI Suite (updated March 20, 2006):
1. Apache Commons Logging - Logging - Apache
2. Apache HttpClient - Server-to-server HTTP communications - Apache
3. OpenSymphony Quartz - Scheduler - Apache - compatible
4. Apache log4j - Logging - Apache
5. Chiba - Server-side xForm to HTML conversion - Artistic
6. Eclipse Platform - Desktop workbench - Eclipse
7. Eclipse Modeling Framework - Workbench Modeling Framework - Eclipse
8. Eclipse Graphical Editor - Workbench Graphical Editor - Eclipse
9. Enhydra JaWE - Graphical workflow editor - GPL
10. Enhydra Octopus - Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) for enterprise application integration (EAI) - LGPL
11. Enhydra Shark - Workflow engine - LGPL
12. Firebird - Relational database Used for sample deployments - Mozilla
13. JBoss AS - Application server Used for sample deployments - LGPL
14. JBoss Hibernate - Object persistence layer - LGPL
15. JBoss Portal - JSR168 compliant portal server Used for sample deployments - LGPL
16. JFree JFreeChart - Chart engine - LGPL
17. JOSSO - Single sign-on and LDAP integration - BSD
18. Metastuff dom4j - XML Parser - BSD
19. Mozilla Rhino - Javascript processor - Mozilla
20. Sun Java Mail - Email delivery - Sun
21. Sun JDBC - Database access - Sun
22. Sun JIMI - Image management - Sun

Last updated on: March 20, 2006

Gilbert on Monday, March 20, 2006


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