New Cognos 8.1.2 Features

1. BI search : They call this the Cognos Go! Search Service. Haven't really seen it in action but this feature is a long overdue feature for majority of BI Tools. We all know that the primary users of BI tools are managers and decisions makers, and they need these automated reports and dashboards to make intelligent decisions. We'll it SHOULD follow that BI tools should be as easy and simple to use as 'GOOGLE'.

With these feature, you can now quickly find information and data presented in reports, analyses, dashboards, metric information, and events across the organization. I'm hoping this will get implemented properly in all the other BI tools as well.

2. Extended Cognos Office Connection :
Cognos is just right in time to have made this feature available before Microsoft releases the next Microsoft Office 2007 with extended BI Functionality. We all know that Excel is still the most widely used 'client-side' BI application used in Business. And Microsoft intends to use that leverage to improve on its BI Market.

3. Access to mySAP™ and Siebel™ reports

4. Certified SAP NetWeaver® Support

5. Additional Platform and Data Support : Cognos also offers updated support for HP Integrity servers running HP-UX 11i, Microsoft SQL Server™ 2005, BEA WebLogic Server® 9, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0, Sybase® Adaptive Server® Enterprise (ASE) 15, Teradata® Warehouse 8.1, ORACLE® Database 10g v2, and Netezza Performance Server® system.

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Gilbert on Tuesday, March 28, 2006


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