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DB2 Alphablox in LAYMAN TERMS
DB2 Alphablox is a CUSTOM Business Intelligence (BI) and 100% web-based tool.

If you are a fan of LEGO BLOCKS, you'll understand that you can construct/create 'almost' limitless amount of designs from a certain number of blocks.

With IBM DB2 Alphablox, you can custom made your companies own BI Tool using BLOX much the same way as LEGO does. It's good because you are not automatically tied to a specific technology or brand. It's good also because you and your consultants can ALWAYS find a way to integrate these new tool to your business process.

DB2 Alphablox provides a set of analytic components and supporting services to make it easy to rapidly assemble analytic applications using Java™ Server Pages (JSP) tags. These components, known as "Blox" (as in "building blocks"), are based on the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) architecture and are deployed on a Web application server. Visual Blox include highly interactive graphs, charts, and reports. These visual Blox work with data Blox to support analysis of both relational and multidimensional data.

DB2 Alphablox developers use Blox to connect to databases, retrieve information, and tailor the presentation to suit users' needs. Administrators deploy DB2 Alphablox applications into Web application servers, such as IBM's WebSphere® Application Server, BEA's® Weblogic, or the Apache Jakarta Project's Tomcat servlet engine.

Each of the major Blox enables users to interactively explore and analyze data. For example, users can export data to Adobe PDF files or Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets, hide columns in a report, create traffic-light style reports based on specified column values, alter the format of a displayed chart, and so on. The services Blox can be used to provide guided analysis, personalization, customization, and collaboration facilities. Blox users can customize these capabilities and services through JSP tags to provide the right function to a wide range of business users and analysts.

For an example of how DB2 Alphablox work in a real world scenario, you may refer to this articles in IBM DeveloperWorks:
Build Web-based analytic applications with DB2 Alphablox and DB2 Information Integrator


DB2 Alphablox for Unix and Windows adds new capabilities to the IBM business intelligence portfolio, a key foundation for our on demand capabilities.

Optimized for rapid application delivery and deployment, DB2 Alphablox provides a component-based, comprehensive framework for integrating analytics into existing business processes and systems. By implementing solutions that include DB2 Alphablox capabilities, leading enterprises maximize the value of their information assets by delivering business insight to the right people at the point-of-decision.

Leading enterprises in financial services, manufacturing, technology, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, retail, and energy, are successfully leveraging DB2 Alphablox technology inside a wide variety of integrated analytic solutions. DB2 Alphablox enables organizations to integrate analytics across all functions and lines of business, and enable powerful analytic solutions to business users at the front lines for improved decision making. It enables customers and partners to optimize various aspects of their business solutions, including:
- Self-service reporting and analysis applications
- Operational analysis applications
- Financial reporting and analysis applications
- Planning applications
- Business Performance and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboards

DB2 Alphablox's open architecture and component approach to application development provide for a high degree of customization when delivering analytic solutions, and offer numerous options for application front-end interfaces to meet the requirements of the casual to the power user.

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