DB2 Alphablox are Blocks

Our group has been assigned to develop solutions for IBM DB2 Alphablox and We have enjoyed this tool and discovered it's unique advantages.

For business owners/managers and IT decision makers, I understand that Business Intelligence (BI) is almost a requirement nowadays. BI will allow you to make timely and efficient decisions based on appropriate facts.

Alphablox allows you to "INTEGRATE" a BI Solution without modifying your existing IT Infrastructure. The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is definitely much cheaper and is highly portable in case any changes is deemed necessary by your company.

DB2 Alphablox and all DB2 Alphablox analytic-enabled solutions run as J2EE-compliant applications in the application server. In the reference figure above, your Alphablox component will sit comfortably inside the J2EE Application Server (Web-Application-Tier).

For more information, you can download the Technical WhitePaper of IBM DB2 Alphablox - click here.

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Gilbert on Monday, February 27, 2006


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